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What Everyone should know before purchasing Bipod!

So many bipods these days! the original I think we can all agree on is the time tested Harris, a brilliant product solving a problem experienced by shooters worldwide = a portable rest

Today there is seemingly an abundance of bipods all addressing various issues, some solutions are obvious and some aren’t

You have likely seen this while researching bipods, so faced with all this apparent noise we wanted to make it extremely clear why we believe our product stands above the restand offers The solution at an affordable price. In fact we believe that using our bipod will lead to a better shooting experience! The three areas I would like to walk you through are 


          • Shooting Ergonomics

          • Dynamic shooting

          • Adaptability

          • Static shooting

But before we do I’d like to provide a quick backdrop,

As an avid recreational shooter and professional roo shooter I experienced this issue countless times while in field, shooting ergonomics are rarely mentioned but they play a key part in successful shooting, being as comfortable as one can possibly be is often under estimated 

I remember the time I shot my first gun and the countless rounds that followed, I grew accustomed to that gun in a cringeworthy way, it wasn’t until I purchased my first mag cartridge rifle, (a sporter too) I ran the risk of developing a flinch, this thing was wildly and already claimed some of my friends eyebrows and eardrums. As my old boss used to say “don’t let it beat you determined to tame the beast I shot a good 5000+ rounds over 2 years, and now understand the “Intuitive shot” best defined as the ability to know the outcome before trigger pull

Shooting Ergonomics – This intuition comes from repetition developing an association with muscle memory and successful shots, finding correct ergonomics in field that triggers this intuition is important and this is where we introduce the Bel-Loc bipod, our solution is crafted to offer shooters the ability to adjust elevation and CANT without leaving his/her position behind the scope, the ability to get comfortable without shifting multiple times, all of which is time wasting and distracting, elevation adjustments are usually improvised heel movements leaving you, the shooter awkwardly crunched up holding the rifle, or the rifle is lifted/tilted to adjust leg height extension, moving from target acquisition to adjust the bipod

Ok so how does it work you ask? 

DynamicThe patent pending system uses the combination of the Axis, notchless legs and the inner spring to allow the firearm to move vertically without leaving the ground or ever changing its footprint, simply deploy each leg, land the rifle anywhere I mean anywhere and pull the forend down to bring your reticle over target, squeeze trigger. You’ll be amazed at how steady the rifle is positioned over target. The quickest target acquisition you will experience using a Bipod or bag, shooting dynamic is a new and intuitive way to experience hunting. 

Adaptable – We offer 5 spring options which give shooters the choice to weightfloat the rifle high or low, we also have field friendly tool less changeable feet simply snap on/off, Ultimate kit includes all three additional feet, Magnetic RMF, the 3 claw cleats 3CF and the popular Titanium Spike TSF feet, Kicks for all occasions!

The Bel-Loc is made from 6000 series anodised aluminium with titanium legs, tested in demanding environments across the world from the snow of Norway to the hot arid climate of Texas we stand behind our products with a limited 2 year warranty, 

Static The Bel-Loc Locks tight! most bipods currently on the market utilise the notched system. This design inherently requires clearance to facilitate the extension or contraction of either leg, this clearance is present as felt movement even when locked, some in the shooting community even go as far as shimming OEM products to remove the felt movement. The Bel-Loc provides a solid repeatable shooting rest, unlike notched legs once locked there is ZERO movement, this is due to our Bel-Loc Cam design, providing a positive lock with zero felt movement! simply deploy each leg, land the rifle anywhere pull down over target and to a position that feels comfortable, then lock both legs and the Axis. shooting Static is critical for load development, range time and comp events

Closing comments – our intention is to provide a product that minimises the “confidence depleting” experiences that are usually associated with cheap, poorly made products, “was that missed shot me or my gear?” these experiences lead to an undermining of built confidenceconsidering most will happily pay $1000+ for optics, the Bel-Loc represents great value and is available for only $309 USD and if your keen to get your hands on the entire ultimate kit Which includes All of the above this comes in at an affordable $479 USD or 4 payments of $120 USD 

So what are you waiting for click HERE to get yours Now! 




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