Necessity Redefined

Simply put, we do not make products and tell you to use them.
We make products that you tell us you WANT to use.

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Our Mantra Necessity Redefined is plastered over everything we do.

Necessity Redefined is what we live by. It is a system, a culture and a belief in our products. In fact, we believe that if the level of innovation doesn’t deliver a product that our customers find so integral that it leaves them wondering “what did I do before this existed”, then they are not fit for release. Innovation without real value is simply not innovation, each product undergoes early feedback and alterations to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the product.

Simply put, we do not make products and tell you to use them. We make products that you tell us you WANT to use.

Andrew Mort
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Great service and the bipod is extremely well built. It’s now my go to bipod instead of my Harris bipod. I am running it for both target shooting and also commercial culling. So far it’s been used on both a .22 rimfire .17hmr , At308 and 300win mag. The ability to lock the legs or have them free move on rough ground has made it easy to get a clear sight picture with out too much mucking around. This has reduced my shot set up time dramatically. Great bit of kit.
Marcus Westwood
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Wow wow wow , it’s a work of art and it’s extremely user friendly . I’m stunned and blown away at the performance of the bi pod there is nothing on the market that compares and I think the market is in for a pleasant surprise and hopefully for the boys from Australia a great future , I’m pretty sure there won’t be any surprises as I’ve watched them for a while now and a lot of heart , blood sweat and tears seems to have gone into it , it shows boys I’m a believer
Kevin Humphreys
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Innovative, versatile, and Australian Made! What's not to like!? The dynamic range of movement available when hunting in the field makes the Bol-Loc bipod a go-to accessory for any rifle platform. I can't speak highly enough of mine, and the after sale support has been second to none. 👌
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