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The Bel-Loc bipod functions like no other. It gives users the ability to adjust their rifle’s position up/down and find the correct level while remaining in position with the rifle on the ground. You will never again need to lift your rifle and leave your shooting position to adjust your bipod.

All possible due new breakthroughs in design and a complete re think of the old. As the height of the rifle changes so does the angle of each leg. This prevents traditional bipods from adjustment whilst in position. You need to lift the rifle adjust and then re position.

We have introduced the axis which enables the legs to change angles while maintaining sync with each other. With our breakthrough design target acquisition happens in a fraction of the time, a major benefit at timed shooting events and long range hunting.

Provisional patents covering our key features will ensure that quality and value delivery is top of mind, and that we are able to deliver the next round of exciting new products.The Bel-Loc represents more than an evolution in bipod functionality. It will redefine what you consider necessity. Subscribe below for updates and an exclusive offer once the Bel-Loc Bipod becomes available.

Feature one


With a quick release mount, the Bel-Loc is ready for action when you are.

Feature Two


The patented Bel-Loc legs lock in any position giving you index free adjustment for perfect height selection, no allowances required.

Feature three


Reducing weight while increasing strength, the Bel-Loc features titanium legs.

Feature Four


The Bel-Loc’s synchronised axis delivers stable and consistent angles as height changes.

Feature five


The Bel-Loc features a customisable spring rate delivering the perfect support for any rifle.

The Bel-Loc Bipod is just the first innovative product in a series of planned releases.
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Necessity Redefined